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Abstract Art by Patty

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Studio :
19923 Stuebner Airline Road
Spring ,Texas     77379
Patty Gilligan Burroughs 

Welcome to
my site.....

   From a very young age, art has been a part of my life. I have always felt that I understood art and could see things within abstract design that others missed. Even going back to grammar school in Massachusetts where I was born and raised! My talents were recognized early with honors and awards in local competitions and art fairs. Those accolades cemented my commitment and creating art has been a focus my entire life.

  Because I work in Abstract pieces, the main question I get asked is how I come up with the ideas for my art. My designs are usually spontaneous, and those surprise works are always my favorites. My art is an extension of me in the world and I'm honored when one of my pieces finds a forever home.

   In my early years my artists make was simply "Patty B". But that, like life (and Me!) has changed. In honor of my Husband who inspires me and supports all my artistic endeavors I now sign my work as "Peves",   an abstract combination of our names Patty and Steve.


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