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I am currently accepting commissions


I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery.

These paintings are all original pieces of art.

If you are interested in any piece please contact me personally

for availability and policies for shipment / returns.


Yes Please

30" x 40"

This multi colored gem will brighten any spot. The gold and copper leaf is mesmerizing.


30" x 40"

Newspaper headlines in acrylics, firer glass, pastes, and stones.

All placed on a gallery wrapped birch wood panel.


(shipping not included)


Let It Be Told

24" X 24"

Dusty blue, umber, and gray with gold leaf accents.

Rusty Number

24" x 24"

Need something on the rustic rusty side this is it. Many layers of rich texture all on a gallery wrapped canvas.

More Mortar

30" x 40"

Lots of texture and rich earth tones. There are hidden gems throughout the more you study this piece the more you will see that is what makes it so interesting.

(Frame is not included)

Rich Glam

24" x 24"

Rich lushes chocolate, navy, and burnt sienna, plus the heavy textured gold accent. 

(frame not included)

The Come Back

20" x 20"

Natural tones with wonderful texture. enjoy the beautiful bronze accent.

Rusty Number

24" x 24"

Many layers of earth tones, papers, and lots of textures.

Summer Heat

24" x 24"

Rustic, warm, and very inviting. You will enjoy looking through all the layers that together created this piece of art.


Somewhere Else

30" x 40"

Lots of texture makes this gem so interesting. it would be a great addition to any home or office.

Life's Many Paths

24" x 24"

Many many layers make up this piece. Using neutral earth tones and creams, this lovely piece can easily be hung almost anywhere.  

Misty Eyes
18" x 24"
$325  SOLD

Beautiful acrylics on canvas. Deep ravines in reds and mauves. Pastes create the rigid ridge line. 

Poppy Fields

12" x 12"

Poppy Fields is acrylic painting of many layers on a birch wood gallery wrapped canvas.

It is a reflection of life's simpler times.


Feathers In Flight

24" x 18"

Light whimsical feather light strokes of acrylics on a hard board ready for you to frame.

Hurray For Confetti

18" x 24"

Bursting with brilliant colors this surely will brighten the most lonely spot on your wall.

Circus Life 

30"x 40"


A vibrant array of colors, shapes, and marks. Together they represent a unique combination of fun and will entertain the child in all of us.

Childhood Thoughts

18" x 24"

I hope this brings the child out within. A clever mix of shapes and colors that should dazzle your curiosity.

Under The Big Top

30" x 40"

Shapes, colors, and a imagination created this piece. The more you look the more you find. Created for fun at every age. 

Power Of Art
Affective Reasons
Draw Critics
12" x 12

This is a short series of my city scapes. The are sold separately or as a grouping ( price discount for the series 10%). 

Heavy pastes, newspaper, acrylics, and many many layers make these very expressive Cities.

Salty Breeze

18" x 24"

Simple, completely a visual pleasure. Feel the breeze, watch the water hit the textured rocks. So New England.


Going In Circles

30" x 40"

Bright and Happy, this magical piece will make everybody smile. Bright Vermillion, deep turquoise just to name a few colors of this stunning piece on a birch wood gallery wrapped canvas.

Fun Memory
Especially Funny
The Game Player
Figure Me Out

"The Fun Series"

Each piece is 10" x 10"
There are selling for $65 each
( 10% discount on purchase of this grouping. )

These creative pieces are composed of Recycled papers, canvas, along with acrylic stamping, scribbling at times and general mark making.

Roses For Dorothy

18" x 24"

A lovely bouquet of soft pink roses in acrylics. Chosen to brighten any spot.

Just For You


Pastels, acrylics, pastes for texture make up this abstract of flowers.




Mixed Media

24" x 24"     $385.00

The idea of snail mail in flight. Pieces of canvas attached randomly with wire and collage of sheet music and papers make this painting on birch wood panel come alive.


45" x 45"

A acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas. the colors of natural tones of browns,  greens, and various metallics set this piece a blaze.


Clever Divide

18" x 24"

This Mixed media piece is one of two. both having similar colors, both using recycled papers, canvas, stones, and string just to name a few fun items in this clever piece.


Clever Matters

18" x 24"

This is piece number two . Like above they are very similar. These maybe purchased as a pair or separately.


Misty Dreams

Mixed Media

18" x 24"     $165.00

Misty and mysterious this mixed media abstract landscape has a very peaceful feel to it. Acrylics with a resin finish on a wood birch panel.

The Barber Pole

24" x 24"

Beautiful heavy textured mixed media painting. Pastes, acrylics, papers, and so much more. if you are a collector of black and whites plus a pop of red this is your gem.

Making The Grate

Pates, corrugated cardboard, acrylics, and an antique rusty grater was used to make this textured piece.


The Grater Good

30" x 40"

Wonderful combination of the rustic grater with heavy textures of pastes, papers, glass beads, and stones. So much more will be found the closer you look.

Matt's Point

30" x 40"

 A true New England memory. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The rocks are textured and rise of the canvas.

Round Up The Cattle

24" x 24"

Heavy textures of pastes and papers lay the foundation. Cardboard and real rusty nails make it complete.

Under Construction

30" x 40"

Creams, whites, gold leaf, copper leaf and bronze leaf are the colors of this piece. Lots of heavy texted pastes completes it. all on a gallery wrapped birch wood panel.



Mixed Media

10" x 10"     $85.00

Pastes, acrylics, stones, metallics just to name a few all on a gallery wrapped canvas,


Rusty Windows

Mixed Media

10" x 10"     $85.00

Resin, stones, acrylics, and much more added to the mystery of this gallery wrapped canvas.



Mixed Media

10" x 10"     $85.00

Tiny and mighty, a combo of crackle, molding paste with glass beads makeup the bones of this collage piece. Gallery wrapped canvas.


Down The Alley

Mixed Media

10"x10"   $85.00

Papers, pastes, metallics......and the list goes on and on. All on a gallery wrapped canvas.


Gypsy Love

Mixed Media

18"x24"   $280.00

Lots of texture! Acrylics, string, pastes, glass, and papers are some of the things you will find in this unique gypsy art.


Mystery At Clara's Point

60" x 48"

Feel the mystery of the sea in this fine acrylic piece. The rocks are very textured and the nerves water beats upon them.

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